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Carasau waffle and creamed codfish, roasted peppers with oregano and caper 9

Sesame marinated mullet, fresh citrus salad and Greek yoghurt 10

Apple crucolina, Cantabrian anchovies, gorgonzola in Marsala wine, spicy crouton 15

Seared tuna on apple and orange chutney 16

Soy lacquered CBT (cooked at low temperature) aubergine, cacio&tartufo fondue, fried onion 10


Sushi Rolls

ORANGE CRUNCH ROLL with prawn in panko, mayo kimchee, fried onion and yakiniku sauce 13

FUSION ROLL with salmon, salmon tartare, foie gras and mango 15

HARUMAKI ROLL with Tuna, radish chips, curry and mango sauce, seared scallop 15

UMAMI ROLL Prawn in panko, lime mayo and green pepper, dried horse filets 14

SPICY ROLL with octopus cooked at low temperature sweet paprika, octopus water reduction, quinoa

puffed, inamona and dehydrated onion 16

IMAGINARY ROLL Seared tuna in tataki, avocado, ginger powder and stracciatella 14



SASHIMI Salmon 10 slices 10

SASHIMI Marinated Swordfish 10 slices 10

SASHIMI Tuna 10 slices 12


Nigiri & Hosomaki

NIGIRI with Salmon and Mango Gel 2pcs 5

NIGIRI with Tuna and Red Fruit Gel 2pcs 6

NIGIRI with ObsiBlue Prawn 2pcs 6,50

NIGIRI with Citrusy Swordfish and

caramel chips 5

NIGIRI SPECIAL with Mazara Red Prawn on wakame seaweed and salmon 7

HOSOMAKI: Salmon | Tuna | Marinated Swordfish 4,50


First Courses

Spaghettone in robiola cream flavoured with fig, toasted hazelnut grain 14

Burnt pacchero with yellow dates truffle sauce and cherry tomato confit 15

Agnolotto with gorgonzola and Ruby chocolate, artichoke in two consistencies and crusco butter 18

Sardinian fregola with squid ink, sea urchin pulp and bitter cocoa 20

Cappellaccio with caciocavallo podolico cheese, shellfish elixir and baked aubergine 16




POKE HAWAII with Tuna, Soy Sauce, sesame oil, wakame seaweed and inamona 15

POKE ATLANTIC with Salmon, teriyaki, stracciatella, sunomono, sesame seeds and sauce sweet chilli 15

POKE PACIFIC with citrusy swordfish marinated lemon peel courgettes salted peanuts and mango 15

POKE MEDITERRANEAN with Red Prawn from Mazara shrimps, red berries sweet chilli sauce and mango 15

ORIENTAL POKE with tempura prawn, sauce kimchii, yakiniku, wakame, dehydrated onion 15


Main Courses

Fried seafood with squid, prawns and salt cod 17

Ginger-scented squid, its black, veil of caramelised potato with balsamic vinegar 16

Seared octopus, Swiss chard, sour yoghurt baked cherry tomato 18

Beef fillet, its base, semi-dried agretti cherry confit and liquorice 20

Fillet of pork, its sauce flavoured with coffee, caramelised Polignano carrot and mousse of Parmigiano Reggiano ice cream 16

Sliced diaphragm, cream of bread, veils of dried tuna and teriyaki sauce 16



Monte al pomodoro, red pepper gold crusco, wild mint 7

Amaretto and pistachio parfait in two consistencies 6

Hazelnut semisphere, salted peanuts and hot warm fondant 6,50

White chocolate and coconut square 6

Caramelised Catalan cream with raw raw cane sugar 6


Service 2,50